50 Posts Milestone: Status Update and What’s Next

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Time flies fast, dear reader.

This post marks a special milestone for this blog. It is the 50th post published on Wealth Triumph.

Like clockwork, I have been publishing one new article per week for almost one year.

Every Monday I have been putting out a new piece of content and every Tuesday my subscribers are receiving a notification in their mailbox to come over and check it out.

This milestone is admittedly small, yet quite important since it shows my determination to grow and expand this blog and build it to something larger over the time.

Most blog owners fail to even reach the 20 posts mark.

They get all enthusiastic at the beginning, publish a few posts, but after a while they give up. They get bored, they fail to find the time, they get distracted, and so on.

The internet is a wasteland of abandoned blogs and websites.

And that brings us to one of the most important elements that you need to have in order to become successful in any area of your life:


This is especially true in the arena of wealth building, where the timeline of getting results is several years.

I have seen numerous people trying to get ahead in the money game, either by starting a side project of their own or just by trying to generate some extra income online.

They almost never manage to get great results early on (this is how the game is), and then they get disappointed and give up. The end result is that they stay in their current situation and achieve zero progress.

On the contrary, those that win in this game are putting the effort day in and day out for years.

These people also get miniscule early results, yet they plow ahead. They get better day by day, perhaps they adjust their strategy along the way, and eventually they succeed and achieve remarkable things.

So, based on this milestone, let me give you my thoughts on Wealth Triumph and a small status update.

When I first started WT, there were certain ideas and concepts in my head that I wanted to share with the world.

It was essentially the mindset that I had built after years of educating myself reading dozens of books and thousands of articles.

So my first posts were not really “articles”, they were more like “essays”.

I discussed what wealth really is, the difficulties of making serious amounts of money, and why and how to think in terms of scale.

These are the foundational pillars for the message I want to spread:

Build long lasting wealth with (online) entrepreneurship.

Later on, I zoomed in to more specific topics, like making money, online entrepreneurship and productivity.
These topics are very helpful when generating income and building wealth, but being able to keep and grow that money is also crucial. That is why I also discussed personal finance issues, like protecting your net worth and tracking some fundamental money metrics.

Along my journey, I have studied highly successful entrepreneurs and business people that I respect and admire. From Rockefeller and Felix Dennis, to Richard Branson and Reid Hoffman, these men are trailblazers that show the way to the rest of us.

I have shared several of the lessons that I learned from them, along with the mistakes that other, lesser people have made.

Finally, I have brought in various experts that have shared their knowledge in various fields, like digital marketing and growth marketing.

All in all, these 50 posts provide a solid platform that I can use to share my ideas, spread my message, and connect with people all over the world.

There are several reasons that I have started Wealth Triumph. Here are the two most important of them:

Personal Branding

In today’s vast ocean of business people and wannapreneurs, your only chance to stand out is to to build your own personal brand.

By providing content to the world, you establish yourself as an expert and authority in the specific field. This can lead to all kinds of opportunities, business wise and in general.

As Gary Vaynerchuk correctly preaches:

“Personal branding is the ultimate business development tool.”

Building an Audience

Having a blog, or any other media outlet, allows you to start building an audience. This consists of people who resonate with your message, connect with you and eventually become followers.

I strive to provide as much value as possible by writing high quality educational articles, and people reward me by giving me their attention, loyalty and trust.

It is an amazing way of interacting with people in the new era we live in.

Except for those main two, there are also other reasons that I have started and still write for the blog.

It allows me to share some of my knowledge in hopes of helping some people, as I was helped by other bloggers and authors when I first started.

I can also improve my writing and communication skills, skills that are critical in one’s success.

On top of those, I am in the position to “teach” some people with my content, and improve my knowledge along the way. The best way to better understand complex concepts is to teach them to others.

One thing that you might be wondering about, is whether this blog makes money. There are no banner ads on the site or products promoted, so what’s the deal?

Well, first of all, let me state the fact that Wealth Triumph is not how I make my money.

I am already engaged in a highly profitable online business, and I am also currently launching a second one in the digital publishing space.

Having said that, the blog does actually generate revenue. In my newsletter, I occasionally promote offers from my business partners, both via the lead generation and affiliate marketing models.

The reason for that is that I wanted to have a proof of concept for the venture, and because I wanted it to be able to organically cover the various running costs (e.g. hosting, mail service provider etc.).

The bottom line is that I am super busy with the venture mentioned above, so Wealth Triumph is not a focus of mine as a money making venture. Could it be in the future? Perhaps. But currently I am aiming my attention to more lucrative business opportunities.

So, what’s next with the blog?

Well, not much is going to change. I will keep posting weekly articles, and promote those to my mailing list and social media.

I have some interesting ideas that I want to share with you, so make sure to stay tuned!

On top of that, during the second half of the year, I will start networking more actively, so I am going to bring in even more business experts and fellow entrepreneurs to share their stories and insights by publishing guest posts.

In the meantime, you can check some of my most popular articles on how to explode your productivity and how to make $1 million in 10 years or less with an online business.

Thank you for your support! On to the 100 posts milestone!

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