5+2 Ways To Increase Confidence, Testosterone & Energy

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One of the most underappreciated aspects of our day to day lives is paying attention to our own physiology.

Understanding how our body and brain work, and how they are impacted by external and internal stimuli is knowledge that every individual should have.

In this post, we will discuss a few ways that will allow you to increase your confidence, assertiveness and energy.

All these positive attributes revolve around a key body hormone: testosterone.

A healthy increase in testosterone levels can mean increased energy, happiness and positiveness in one’s life.

It also results into more lean muscle, less body fat, and overall a better body composition.

Let me say that the inspiration for this post was a great video from the guys at Charisma on Command.

The video is titled “5 Ways To Increase Confidence, Assertiveness & Energy” and I recommend watching it in its entirety.

Now, before we dive into the rest of this post, let me address some issues.

First of all, you might be wondering:

“What is all this about, Ilias? Is this Health Triumph? I want to learn how to make moooneeeyy!”

Well, rest assured that being of optimal health is a huge competitive advantage in your wealth building journey.

This is the reason that CEOs are very vigilant of their health and are investing time and energy into their workouts.

Secondly, when it comes to testosterone, you should make sure you are properly informed.

The reason is that testosterone could easily nicknamed as the “money-making hormone”.

It works as a driver to accomplishment, so having healthy levels of it is of paramount importance.

Last but not least, here comes the classic disclaimer:

I am not a doctor or physician, and the content provided here is for informational purposes only. Please see your primary health care provider about any personal health concerns.

Now that we are done with these, let’s me provide some info on how to optimize your testosterone levels!

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1) Intermittent Fasting

This is a fancy way of saying that you skip food for a few hours within a day, or even for a whole day within a month.

There are many protocols to experiment with, but the easier one is to just skip eating for 14-16 out of the 24 hours of a day.

For example, you have your last lunch at 21.00 and don’t eat again until 12.00 next day. You may have water, or zero calories drinks (like tea and coffee).

Contrary to what you have been led to believe we eat both too much (quantity) and too often (frequency).

2) Weight Lifting

Sadly, a sedentary lifestyle is the default option for most people in modern times.

This has a huge negative impact on health, in general, and testosterone levels in particular.

One of the best ways to counter this is by lifting weights.

Now, I am not talking about becoming a “bodybuilder”. I am talking about working out 2-3 times a week.

Some quick pointers:

  • Focus on compound lifts, i.e. exercises that “hit” numerous body parts. Examples include squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, overhead press etc.
  • Prefer a low number of repetitions (reps) with higher weights, than the opposite.

3) Proper Nutrition

This seems blatantly obvious, but it is impossible to build hormones (like testosterone) without providing your body with the necessary building blocks, i.e. the proper nutrients.

A sufficient intake of nutrients like vitamins and minerals is crucial in order for your body to function as it is designed.

Unfortunately, modern diet is poor when it comes to providing raw materials to our organisms.

For this reason, you need to make sure that you get a baseline of good nutrition, and if this is not enough, to supplement it with external nutrients (like fish oil, Vitamin-D etc.). Do your research on this!

Especially when it comes to nutrition, another point that you should remember is that sugar is a killer.

Sugar was never in abundance during human history, so we have not evolved to cope well with it as a species.

It causes inflammation, halts testosterone production, increases fat storage and, in general, creates a mess into your system.

Try to eliminate or at least minimize sugar consumption.

4) Quality Sleep

Another body activity that has taken a hit due to the modern way of living.

Modern humans not only sleep too little (on average), but also the quality of their sleep is atrocious.

You need to make sure that you get at least the recommended amount of sleep time (6.5-8 hours per day) and also improve the quality of that sleep.

Sleep is when the body repairs itself, rejuvenates and builds hormones like testosterone.

Some quick pointers:

  • Sleep in a totally dark room
  • Eliminate external noises
  • Follow the light (sleep early, wake up early)

Additional benefits of good sleep? Mental clarity and increased productivity.

5) Reduced Stress

Stress is an incredibly important consideration when it comes to one’s well-being.

Humans never experienced the chronic stress that modern people face, so we have not created mechanisms to cope with it.

Stress causes testosterone levels to plummet, but that might be the least harmful attribute it has.

To put it simply, stress is a killer.

Now, reducing stress levels is a long-term endeavour that often requires a whole restructuring in one’s life, so it falls a bit of the scope of this article.

Some more short-term and mid-term techniques are doing meditation, working out, developing strong relationships etc.

A couple additional ways

Now, taking care of the above will certainly increase your testosterone levels by leaps and bounds.

For the completeness of this article though, I would like to add two more ways to boost testosterone levels.

The thing is that these ways are quite controversial, so please bear with me.

I will mention them briefly and then, as with the above, please do your own research.

The first one, especially if you are a male, is to have sexual relationships with multiple partners.

As one of the relevant studies mentions:

“Multiple partners are associated with higher testosterone in North American men and women.”

The second one, is that you can boost testosterone by making more money.

There is probably an indirect way to do that, since money usually increases social status, and social status and testosterone levels are correlated.

This actually creates a virtuous cycle. You make money; that accomplishment boosts your testosterone; that makes your more driven and “aggressive” and then you go out and make even more money.

I also have a couple of empirical examples from some of my favorites entrepreneurs.

I will just post the relevant cheeky images, and you can draw your own conclusions.

Now, these are the facts.

How, and if, you are going to leverage this type of information in your lifestyle, is your personal choice.


By taking care some important health aspects of your life you can boost testosterone levels in your body, and along with them, your energy, mood and confidence.

This is hardly rocket science.

Make sure to eat properly avoiding high sugar intake, experiment with intermittent fasting, lift weights, sleep well and reduce stress factors in your life.

This should take care of the fundamentals so that you have a great foundation to go out and start building wealth.

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