100 Posts Milestone: Status Update and What’s Next

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Time flies, dear reader. If that ain’t true!

It was almost a year ago that I published a similar post announcing the 50th post on this blog.

Today, it’s another milestone, with the publication of the 100th post!

During this time period I have consistently been publishing at least one post per week here at the Wealth Triumph blog.

However, if you have been a regular follower, you might have noticed that the posting schedule has been a bit erratic.

While initially the schedule was strict with a new article coming each Monday, after a while I came to publish posts later during the week too.

On top of that, most of the recent posts have been quite shorter and not that deep as the ones I used to publish at the early days of the blog.

Overall, my time commitment dropped substantially and that was manifested in the ways described above.

Well, why did that happen, Ilias?

There was good reason.

The hard truth is that the blog became less of a priority as I became more involved with my businesses.

Especially as I launched my new digital publishing business (which is growing really fast) and I had to juggle multiple projects and tasks, writing for the blog became an afterthought.

Remember, the WT blog is not how I make my money.

The way I do is by building scalable businesses and, for better or worse, building one demands extreme focus and discipline.

Having said that, during this time I wrote some very helpful articles, worthwhile of your time.

The majority of them revolved around starting a new company in this new era where technology is disrupting every industry under the sun.

Here are some that are highly recommended:

Additionally, I published several “technical” articles where I explained key aspects of starting, running and growing a company. You don’t want to miss these:

Furthermore, I published a few articles that were less conventional, yet quite impactful. Here are some that I am sure you are going to enjoy:

The reason I continued to write at least one piece per week despite my heavy schedule is that I wanted to be consistent with what I preach.

Remember that in my 50th post milestone post I touted the merits of being disciplined and committed.

It would be incongruent for me to suddenly stop writing without reaching at least the next milestone and providing an update to my readers.

So, where does this leave me with the blog?

Well, it’s with a heavy heart that I have decided to further decrease the time that I put into growing this blog.

At this point in time, the opportunity cost of not allocating all my resources (time, energy, focus, capital) on scaling my publishing business is just too huge.

The rational approach is to scale the business now, reap the financial and other rewards from it, and then later revisit my dual mission of spreading the entrepreneurial spirit and building my personal brand.

This means that the commitment of having one new piece per week is indefinitely halted until I am at a better position time-wise.

Having said that, I like writing and sharing business advice, so I will probably stir towards short-form content which I am going to share at a more loose schedule.

If you want to stay tuned with that, then the best avenues are LinkedIn (connect with me here) and Twitter (follow me here).

I have already shared some solid posts on LinkedIn that have gained traction within the platform. Check them out:

So, that would be all for now. Thank you so much for your support! We will be in touch!

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