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How to Get Rich in 4 Easy Steps

Can the process of getting rich really be broken down in 4 easy steps? Yes, it can… and I will show you how. Similarly to how you can lose weight in 4 easy steps, becoming rich is a straightforward process. Four easy steps. That’s all it takes. Ready? Let’s kick …

Where Should I Invest for Long-Term Prosperity?

With markets being at all times highs, and cryptocurrencies being the latest craze, I wanted to share some of my thoughts about Investing. Before we proceed with the more tactical details, let’s clarify what we mean by “investing”. In my mind, investing is the allocation of resources of one kind …

You are Taught to be Poor

You are taught to be poor. “How is that possible, Ilias?”, you may ask. “I didn’t sign up for a course like this at school”. The thing is, though, that our current system is structured in a messed up way that teaches people to stay poor. It is structured in …

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