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Hey guys,

From my experience, one of the hardest things about entrepreneurship is actually getting started with it.

Business can be quite confusing at the beginning and this can deter people from launching their own venture.

I understand this can be a real issue for aspiring entrepreneurs and that is why I want to make it as smooth and easy as possible to get you started.

For this reason, I have prepared and am giving away an “Entrepreneur Starter-Kit Training Course”.

This is a bundle of 6 Udemy Video Training Courses, valued at over $1,000!

Here are the courses in more detail:

1) Intro to Entrepreneurship: Get started as an Entrepreneur (Value: $195)
Learn everything you need to know to become an Entrepreneur. Master the concepts and coming up with great business ideas

2) The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki (Value: $95)
Learn from an entrepreneur and investor how to launch a company with confidence and avoid common pitfalls.

3) How to come up with killer business ideas: complete workshop (Value: $170)
Learn how to become a business idea machine with proven strategies and actionable insights

4) How to Setup Your New Business From Scratch (Value: $150)
Learn the practical aspects of starting / setting up a new business – from picking a name to designing a website + more!

5) An Entire MBA in 1 Course:Award Winning Business School Prof (Value: $200)
Everything You Need to Know About Business from Start-up to IPO

6) The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1 (Value: $200)
Learn by Doing. SEO, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Google AdWords, Google Analytics & More!

One lucky winner will get a Udemy account pre-loaded with all the courses! Join the contest now!


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